Your personal business lifeline. 


Your personal business lifeline for creative solutions, business growth, personal development, streamlined marketing & group training. 


Burn out sounds a lot like "Is it worth it anymore? Am I on the right track?". With 1:1 Coaching & Consulting, Leading Edge Coaching can help individuals get clear on their why, create a solid plan to execute the vision and hold professionals accountable to their plan. 

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When one wheel is out of balance, the whole car is, too. In small businesses or large corporations, the clarity of the vision collectively, and individually, determine the speed on the track. Use Leading Edge Coaching to help strengthen your leadership team, create strong synergy among business partners, and create a plan based off of each other's strengths and weaknesses.


Entrepreneurial high school and college students have energy, drive, ambition & work ethic. Leading Edge Coaching teaches students how to harness their energy to create a strong view for their future. Teens with strong vision have lower drop out rates, higher grades & overall higher emotional stability. 

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Your coach! 

#1 in Leadership Development in my company, and #2 in Team Growth. I dream big, I work smart and I don't give up. Not on myself - and never on you. Creative solutions to business hurdles. Let's grow together! 


Businesses can start up, operate & function semi-successfully on hard work, blood, sweat & tears - but they will not thrive without a clear vision & a solid plan. Leading Edge Coaching helps you find your true vision, create the client base that's needed to execute the vision &  walks alongside you to create a plan to see it all through.  


Make time to make the dreams happen. 

Making time for coaching in your business is what can make your dreams a reality.