Terms + Conditions

My commitment to you. 


Each client will work one on one with their Leading Edge Coach to create a contract that best fits their needs. Each client will be responsible to fulfill their contract that is set with their coach. 


Your coach's job is to put their best foot forward, bring all they've got to the call (or in person session) and put your dreams for your business above your comfort zone. 


Your coach's job is not to do your physical work for your business, to make contacts for you and should not be given access to any confidential client or customer agreements or documents. Your coach is assigned to work with you alone. 


You will be asked to stretch yourself personally, implement practices and ideas that you and your coach collaborate together on, and to complete different activities that your coach feels best fit to help you grow. In-completion of these activities several sessions in a row may result in the dissolution of your contract set forth by you and your coach. 


Information you share with your coach is confidential between you and your coach and your coach commits to privacy.  If your coach should see you in public, your coach will await you to approach him/her if you choose to keep your coaching a private business decision.